Welcome to the 2018-2019 Emmaus Track and Field Team!

Posted by Emmaus High School Track and Field Team on Aug 24 2018 at 03:14PM PDT

Girls 11 – 0 (League Co-Champs) Boys 8 -3

A HUGE THANK YOU to the following 28 athletes who volunteered at the Women’s Breast Cancer 5K classic on Saturday! I’ve received many notes of thanks and appreciation for your energy and efforts. Thanks also to Coach Susens who gave her time to help with organizing our team and being there for all. Thank you for being so awesome representing Emmaus High School and the Emmaus Track Team!
Keerstin Augustin, Bethany Brown, Maddie Brown, Jacob Brown, Abby Barnes, Mason Boyd, Matt Bruchak, Mehru Chaudry, Christina Colosimo, Mackie Dries, Katherine Downey, Kianny Figueroa, Ashlee Galea, Halle Jennett, John Kahle, Ashleigh Mcnellis, Amanda Lavana, Hudson Peck, Kera Reinhard, Breyanna Roper, Keshav Shankar, Lily Shields, Brooke Transue, Kylie Wagaman, Paige Wickhiser, Laurel Widdoss, Sophia Yialamas, Olympia (XC)

Good Luck to all athletes who participate in Fall Sports or other fall school activities!

Indoor/Winter Track Club begins Monday, December 3, 2018. Informational/Sign-up meeting will be held after school on Wednesday, November 7 from 2:30 – 3:00 pm.

As with any sport, there are always ups and downs. Find the beauty not only in the ups, but in the downs. That’s where true character and strength develops. If everything were to go as planned, what fun would that be? What goal would you chase? How else can you learn how to cope and improve, if you don’t experience failure? Find the beauty in both….

Sportsmanship > winning

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Head Boys and Girls Track and Field Coach
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