Updated roster attached as of 12/4

Posted by Emmaus High School Track and Field Team on Dec 04 2019 at 04:10PM PST

Bravo to you all for being so cooperative with such a large group of athletes. We had over 150 athletes participate in practice today, which is certainly a record. A few things:

1. Weight room – went fairly well today, except the GOLDEN RULE is to leave the weight room the same way it looked when you entered. All dumbbells and equipment must be placed back where it was located. Please be considerate as it has taken a long time for us to utilize the weight room again. We are gracious for the time we have, and want to take care of it.
**Weight room times are: Wednesdays 2:40-3:15pm and Fridays 4:30-5:15 pm. Whoever attended today on 12/4 should plan on attending after practice on Friday.

2. For Friday practice, please do not bring any forms or fees. Instead, place them in the box in Coach Susen’s room, 418.

3. Dress warm! You can always remove layers/hats/apparel if you get hot. Friday looks amazing, 47 degrees, but it is still cold.

4. Small item apparel will be for sale again on Friday, by our booster club table, items $5-20. Most items are $5, except hats and headbands. Great Christmas presents!

5. Please check the attached roster. If your name or grade is not correct or any issues, please remind text Coach Kami.

More to come and GREAT JOB today!
Coach Kami
“Work hard, be prepared, and have fun!”


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