Practice this week 12/6

Posted by Emmaus High School Track and Field Team on Dec 05 2021 at 06:54PM PST

Weather uncertainty is coming our way, so just a few adjustments to this week:

Place your belongings in the locker commons and report directly down to the track and warm-up. We will begin promptly at 2:45pm. The workout should begin by 3:05pm.

For tomorrow, Monday, expect a shorter practice that ends at 4:15 pm, due to the rain. Those who are competing in the December indoor meets should report to the track fieldhouse at 4:00 pm to pick up a uniform. (Those students know they are competing). I will remain there until 4:30pm should anyone have an issue with rides. No weight room on Mondays.

For Wednesday 12/8- the weather “I think” will be cold, but ok. Distance will be doing a regular run to Wildlife Sanctuary, then can come to the weight room. For all other students, there will be a very short running workout, then we received permission to go to the weight room early. Expect practice to end by 4:30pm latest, even with weight room time, just in case a bit of light snow arrives.


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