News and Announcements

It is surely another very competitive year among the district, and remember a few new schools entered in our AAA category this year (such as Palisades). Attached are the official District XI Qualifiers. Last year we had 38 entries, and this year we have 43 entries. That’s 43 opportunities to turn into success!

If you don’t see your name/event on this list, unfortunately it means you did not make it into the District meet. Only names on this document will be cleared to travel with the team. There are a few spots available on the bus for anyone who would like to assist with managing during the meet, as well as supporting the team. Remind text Coach Kami if you are interested.

Attached is the EPC League Schedule for events. Click on the link below. EPC qualifiers are listed in the previous announcement. Rest, hydrate, make good nutritional choices, and focus on your goals!

Congratulations to the following athletes who have qualified for the 2019 EPC League Championship Meet. Attached are the athletes who have qualified, including his/her seed. Additionally, relays with alternates are included. Things change on a daily basis with illnesses and injuries, so we wanted to make sure we are covered with alternates. If you’re name is on this document, you are permitted to travel with the team next Tuesday/Wednesday. Please talk with your teachers regarding missing school. Here are the details:

Tuesday 5/7 – school dismissal 1:05 pm, bus departs 1:20 pm
Wednesday 5/8 – school dismissal 1:05 pm, bus departs 1:20 pm

Everyone should be resting up over the weekend, stretching, rolling, eating well, and hydrating!

Girls won against Parkland 79-71, to end the season 7-1, which matches Easton’s record of 7-1.

Boys lost against Parkland 71-79 (funnily), but wow, it was a fantastic meet to watch. The last time Emmaus came this close to Parkland was back in 1993! (26 years ago!)


Everyone should come to practice tomorrow, Tuesday 4/30/19 for end of season talk/prepare for JV meet! I will have preliminary information tomorrow regarding League standings to post at practice.

5/1 is JV meet at PARKLAND! Bus leaves at 3:45 pm.

5/2 is uniform collection right after school for all athletes NOT participating in post season.

All track and field athletes who are eligible will be traveling to Parkland on Monday to Parkland High School for the final regular season varsity meet Monday 4/29/19! Keep focus on doing the best you can not only for the team/meet, but for your own individual account and for post season!

If you are not competing, please be ready to help in any way possible both for our team and Parkland. How can you help? Build up your teammates, cheer on your teammates, assist with hurdles, batons, water, implements, etc. Parkland has an incredible girls and boys team – congratulate them, as well, on their successes.

JV meet will be Wednesday 5/1/19 at Parkland High School!

So, let’s……. “Work hard, be prepared, and have fun!!!”

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”