News and Announcements

Plan on bringing an umbrella and a poncho tomorrow for our final meet against talented Stroudsburg High School. Focus on being prepared tomorrow, warm up, cool down, and cheer on your team until the very end.

Arrival times: Sprinters and Hurdlers arrive 2:00 pm for screens
Distance and Pole vault arrive 2:10 pm for screens
Throwers, Jumpers, and Development 2:20 pm for screens
Meet begins at 3:30pm

BOYS SENIOR NIGHT!!!! Parents and seniors, plan on lining up along the fence by the fieldhouse around the 3200m race. Celebration will begin immediately at the conclusion of the meet!

ALL SENIORSTHIS IS IT! THIS IS THE FINAL DUAL MEET OF YOUR HIGH SCHOOL CAREER. How do you want it to go? Control the factors you can control to have the best meet of the season! Continue to stay hydrated, foam roll, stretch, and fuel your body with easily digestible foods for optimal performance. Please give a warm welcome to Stroudsburg, and help guide them as needed! Please remember to sanitize hands/wash hands after touching equipment. Let’s be as safe as possible for our final dual meet of the year.

“Work hard, be prepared, and have fun!”

We love everything about Parkland – amazing team, amazing coaches, and will be great competition for our athletes. Who will be able to stand the heat? Our team has surely been put to the test with weather extremes in our meets this season, which means we will be prepared no matter what comes for Leagues and Districts. So, take the challenge and control what you can control, to do your best.

For those riding the bus, athletes arrive at the Sports Center at 1:45pm
Bus departure 2:00pm
For those self commuting, arrive at Parkland’s Track Stadium by 2:20pm
Meet starts 3:30 pm

Only 2 spectators per athlete, and this will be strictly enforced by Parkland at the gate, as they have our athlete travel list. It’s done in effort to keep everyone safe, due to the large numbers of both of our teams.

Work hard, be prepared, and have fun!
EHS Track & Field Coaching Staff

Good morning,
What a wonderful day we enjoyed yesterday!! Thanks to all of the parents who came to support their athlete(s) in a fun day of competition. And thank you to our Booster Club and parents for providing a memorable senior night for our girls!

No practice today due to the school shutting down for the weekend. We will see you all on Monday. I’ll be sending out information regarding EPC Leagues and Districts this weekend, detailing out how it works as best I can. It’s different this year, so we want to make sure everyone understands the challenges.

Enjoy the sun today, get some fresh air and vitamin D, and rest up for next week!

Blue mountain can’t compete today, so we are making the best out of it, and will hold an inter squad meet. We will add in ALL of our athletes and have some fun, hopefully getting some best times/marks. Times/marks will not be official, however, we will use them as we are making decisions for future meets. Snack bar remains open, because they have everything there for SENIOR night for our girls, which we will still be holding!

Sprinters and Hurdlers arrive 2:30pm for screens
Distance and Pole Vault arrives 2:40 pm for screens
Throwers, Jumpers, and Development 2:50pm for screens
Meet begins at 3:30 pm

“Work hard, be prepared, and have fun!”

Families are still welcome to come spectate for this historic event, that we will run as smoothly as we can, following COVID guidelines as usual!

Yes, the weather looks threatening, but as of now, it looks like we should still have the opportunity to compete again today! Here are adjusted arrival times, which we realize may make things a bit more chaotic, however it will give the weather a bit more time to settle down. Typically, athletes are sitting around anyway for about a half hour. Athletes will need to get there and get moving/ready asap:

Sprinters and Hurdlers arrive 2:30pm for screens
Distance and Pole Vault arrives 2:40 pm for screens
Throwers, Jumpers, and Development 2:50pm for screens
Meet begins at 3:30 pm

“Work hard, be prepared, and have fun!”

Please give a warm welcome to Whitehall High School athletes and staff, and assist them as needed!

Again, family members are welcomed to come as spectators, and all spectators must wear masks at all times! Student athletes are also to wear mask at all times, as usual. It takes a village to keep us moving forward, so thank you for your understanding!

See you soon!
Coach Kami