News and Announcements

Today surely did not feel like winter, but a nice glimpse of outdoor track weather! A few things:

1. Practice on Friday 1/17/20 is moved up to 1:15 pm – 3:00 pm.

2. NO practice on 1/20/20 (practice on your own) and I’m still waiting to hear back about Wednesday 1/22/20 practice.

3. UPDATED!!! Those who are in the Ursinus meet 1/19/20 : Arrive at 7:30 am for 7:45 am bus departure, return after 6pm

4. Those who are in the Franklin and Marshall meet 1/26/20: Arrive at 7:45 am for 8:00 am bus departure, and I really am not sure when we will arrive back, but likely after 6:30 pm.

5. Outdoor track sign-ups will be Tuesday, Feb 4, after school in the cafeteria. Students must sign up in order to try out for the Spring Track Team. Tryout schedule and process will be discussed at that time.

6. Physicals for Outdoor spring track (for any student who has not had a physical yet this school year) will be held on Wednesday Feb 12: Girls at 3:40pm and Boys at 4:30pm. If you already have a physical from another sport or already done, you must turn in a recertification physical form which simply requires a parent signature.

7. Impact testing for Outdoor spring track (for any student who has not had impact testing yet) will be held on Wednesday Feb 19 promptly at 3:00 pm.


Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year! Our first meet at Ocean Breeze went well and the coaching staff was most proud of how the athletes represented Emmaus High School during the meet. Here is the link to official results with splits:

Winter Track Practice resumes on Friday 1/3/20 and simply click on the calendar tab above for all information regarding future practices.

Our second indoor meet will be held this Saturday, Collegeville High School Meet at Ursinus College on 1/4/20. Meet at 7am for 7:15am departure for those attending.

Spring track sign-ups will be held on Tuesday Feb 4, after school in the Cafeteria. Students MUST sign up in order to tryout.

Looking ahead – BJ’s fundraising night for Track will be held on Jan 28! More to come…..

The weather has thrown us a curve this December, but we have adjusted well. The EHS staff has been gracious and supportive in allowing us to utilize indoor hallways and facilities for practice. A few things:

1. SPIRIT WEAR IS IN! Will be delivered Wednesday, 12/18/19 after practice. If there are any issues, please contact our coordinator Trish Brown at
2. JINGLE BELL RELAYS AND COOKIES will be held on Friday 12/20/19 after school 11:15 – 2:00pm. We have the aux gym and sports center area. We do not want the athletes waiting outside in the cold, so we will make sure to organize event groups. I will also have the field house open during trials. Still, please be sure to dress appropriately.
3. No practice over Holiday Break, unfortunately. But the athletes have been instructed in plenty of workouts he/she is expected to continue. Call up a friend and train together!
4. First indoor meet at Ocean Breeze on Monday 12/30/19 is set and Ursinus is just a few days after 1/4/20 which is due tomorrow, Wednesday 12/18/19. There are still 2 other meets at the end of January for opportunities to compete, and a qualifying meet in February.
5. SPRING TRACK SIGN UPS WILL BE HELD ON Tuesday Feb 4 in the cafeteria after school. Athletes must sign up in order to tryout for the team. Physicals at the school will be held on Wed Feb 12, impact testing dates to come. All athletes must have a physical turned in and impact testing complete. The calendar is already posted for the spring season so avoid any vacations or conflicts.
6. Final roster attached below.

Wishing all a happy and healthy holiday break,
Coach Kami

Updated roster is attached at the bottom. Please review. We currently have 176 students who are part of our winter track club! A few need to turn in intramural consents or complete the consent you turned in.

Weather looks a bit unsettled the next 2 weeks. It is very likely we will be indoors this week, but please come prepared either way. We had 120 students at practice today. For our first indoor practice, the coaches were impressed with your cooperation. Thank you! Please keep it up and remember the “Circle of Trust,” as our school supports our program by allowing us to utilize hallways and indoors with large numbers of students.

Time trials Jingle Bell Relays and Cookies, will be held on Friday 12/20/19! I was able to get approved access to the aux gym after school, so we should be able to adequately measure speed, jumps/vault, and hurdles to some degree, even if the weather does not cooperate. The following events will be tested:
55/100 m
100/110 high hurdles (half stacked) – indoors only has high hurdles. We will test 300 hurdles at a later date
Long Jump/Broad Jump
Vertical Jump
Stair test (if indoors)
Shot Put/Jav/Discus per weather and Coach Petre

Ocean Breeze indoor meet permission slips are due THIS WEDNESDAY 12/11/19! Please bring with payment and drop off to Coach Susens room 418. DO NOT TURN IN WITHOUT PAYMENT. After I receive all, we will discuss event entries for each of you. So far, 13/52 have turned them in.

See you Wednesday!
Coach Kami

Bravo to you all for being so cooperative with such a large group of athletes. We had over 150 athletes participate in practice today, which is certainly a record. A few things:

1. Weight room – went fairly well today, except the GOLDEN RULE is to leave the weight room the same way it looked when you entered. All dumbbells and equipment must be placed back where it was located. Please be considerate as it has taken a long time for us to utilize the weight room again. We are gracious for the time we have, and want to take care of it.
**Weight room times are: Wednesdays 2:40-3:15pm and Fridays 4:30-5:15 pm. Whoever attended today on 12/4 should plan on attending after practice on Friday.

2. For Friday practice, please do not bring any forms or fees. Instead, place them in the box in Coach Susen’s room, 418.

3. Dress warm! You can always remove layers/hats/apparel if you get hot. Friday looks amazing, 47 degrees, but it is still cold.

4. Small item apparel will be for sale again on Friday, by our booster club table, items $5-20. Most items are $5, except hats and headbands. Great Christmas presents!

5. Please check the attached roster. If your name or grade is not correct or any issues, please remind text Coach Kami.

More to come and GREAT JOB today!
Coach Kami
“Work hard, be prepared, and have fun!”