Team roster 3/5/20 and practice details 3/6/20

Posted by Emmaus High School Track and Field Team on Mar 05 2020 at 04:24PM PST

Congratulations to all athletes who came to tryout for the Spring Track Team. It was extremely difficult to determine the final roster this year, as there is an incredible amount of talent with large numbers. We do not look at just one event, but an entire athlete’s profile/character. To those who did not make the team, please take the feedback and recommendations and do not give up! We want to see you back next year.

To those who were offered a spot on the track team roster, all paperwork/dues are due MONDAY 3/9/20!!! Get it filled out and done tonight!

Rain will be coming our way for Friday practice, but it’s a perfect day as we need to go over many many details about the season. I have gotten too many emails to answer individually, and will be addressed tomorrow. We will begin with a team building activity and then review important details for the track season. Most of practice will be inside the field house.

More info to come soon…..
Coach Kami


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