News and Announcements

Due to the midterm schedule, we will hold practice right after school dismissal, starting at 1:15pm. Those who have attended weight training sessions, please report to the weight room by 1:15pm. All others, including distance, please report to Sports Center as usual by 1:15 pm. We will do our best to get a practice in before the rain. Expect to be done by 2:45 pm. See you tomorrow!

With the midterm schedule adjusted, I’m aware that students are dismissed at 1:00 pm on Wednesday. There will still be weight training for those students who have been attending weight training sessions on Wednesday, no matter if it rains or not. As of now, weight training is at 2:45 pm, however I am waiting to hear if we can adjust that time to after you are dismissed at 1:00pm. I will update the plan for Wednesday practice tonight or tomorrow morning. If it rains, practice will be cancelled. Friday temps do not look good. Remember to keep training on your own, doing what you have already learned.

Winter track practice cancelled Friday 1/18/19 . Saturday distance practice still on tomorrow 1/19 at EHS track.

Coach Bracetty would like to add in a practice Saturday morning 9-10:30 am (updated on calendar) for distance athletes, due to the inclement weather that may affect running Sunday/Monday.

It’s that time of year that good ole PA weather hinders on winter track training. Even if winter track practice is cancelled, it is strongly encouraged for students to continue to train with what he/she has already learned. Anytime the weather forecast is below 32 degrees and/or snow/ice/etc, practice will be cancelled. Tomorrow, Wednesday, looks to be OK, but Friday may not be so good. Even if you get a 1-2 mile run in with some accelerations, abs, hip, core exercises, it’s better than nothing.