News and Announcements

What a great turnout and great workout for you all on Friday! Did you enjoy the JOY playlist as you did the workout?

Sprints/jumps/pole vault- that workout was not easy, and you all did so well completing it in your zones with your pods. 30-60-90’s is a workout we repeat a few times throughout the season to be able to measure your progress. Well done!
Distance – You handled those 200’s with control and progression, and some of you surprised yourself with just how much speed you have. Awesome work! Again, we will repeat that workout a few times during the season to measure your progress. And for those of you who took on the 400m challenge – bravo!
Throws - Lily, Molly, and Kyla were leaders to get you back to Coach Petre’s throw workouts, and we couldn’t be prouder. We will get you throwing when we return.
Hurdlers – It’s almost like you all didn’t have a 9 month break from the last time you hurdled to now, going over those hurdles with ease. Very impressive, and I wish we had more light and time in the day for you to have continued practicing!

So, now we turn to virtual practices to be able to continue to learn training and what winter track is “usually” about. I will be sending out zoom links this weekend for each practice. Practice times remain the same for the groups. Each zoom meeting will include 2 senior leaders and we will be introducing them and sharing pics/video of their previous track experience. Then they will lead you through the training plan that day, and demonstrate one or two of the details of the training plan. You’ll be on your own to do the actual workout, so find a safe area to do the workout. Rodale park has a soft track (in Emmaus behind Pizza Hut), or Emmaus Community park, or an empty parking lot., or even in your neighborhood. In order to be eligible for a Club letter, students must attend 75% of the meetings, so I will be taking attendance for each meeting. It is highly encouraged to attend, as you will get to know each other. You will have the opportunity to ask questions as well.

See you on zoom on Monday! Check your email by tomorrow night!

Good evening,
We still get to have practice tomorrow with some nice weather! Training plans were sent out last night, in preparation for the anticipated shut down beginning 12/12/20 – 1/3/21, confirmed today by our Governor in effort to get COVID more under control.

We will resume in-person practices 1/4/21. We WILL be holding virtual practices starting Monday 12/14/20 via zoom, which will be mostly led by our seniors. Seniors will introduce themselves and share some wisdom, then I will share a video clip or picture from their indoor track experience, and then they will instruct in the training plan that day. The virtual part should not last more than 30-40 minutes. I’ll email out more information later this weekend. On a good note, for our pole vaulters, our brand new mat system arrived!

Good afternoon all,       

Well, we surely got more than a “dusting” of snow and it has been advised for practice to be canceled today, as some have to travel far to get to and from practice.  

        Looking ahead, Friday looks nice and warm for practice, so let’s focus on making it to Friday’s practice! 
Sorry for any inconvenience and see you then,
Coach Kami 

Looks like there are some flurries going to be around tomorrow mostly in the AM, but still plan on having practice as of now!

What would Winter Track be without some flurries? DRESS WARM!!!

You all are doing a tremendous job following the guidelines, arriving to practice on time, checking in, and starting /ending practice in a timely manner. THANK YOU for your cooperation and keeping our practices running smoothly!

Anyone sore from the workouts yesterday? :)

It looks like rain is coming our way, so NO practice, Friday 12/4/20. Due to the last minute change, we won’t be holding a virtual practice either. Back to work on Monday 12/7/20, and we will still stick to the current 1-hour practice times for now: 

2:30 pm – 3:30 pm – First group 
3:30 pm – 4:30 pm – Second group           

For those who attended yesterday, we are sending out high-fives to you all! We appreciated and noticed your respectful cooperation in following the guidelines. You were AWESOME! We didn’t hear one complaint having to wear masks for practice. Thank you, thank you and keep up the good work. (First group – are anyone’s quads/thighs sore?)

We will see you Monday!